2020 Winner

Katie Pake


Schoolgirl on a mission to help fellow child cancer patients has raised thousands with her inspirational campaigning.

Keen swimmer Katie’s parents took her to the GP when she complained a sore knee was affecting her performance in the pool. Tests revealed she was suffering from osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer. Intensive chemotherapy failed to eradicate the tumour and it was then discovered that the disease had spread to her thigh and spine. Doctors told her parents that she had a 20% chance of survival.

They tried a new type of chemo, which thankfully eradicated the cancer in her thigh and spine, but it did not work on the tumour on her leg. Their only option was to amputate the limb, in an eight-hour operation two days before her 10th birthday. 

Before the life-saving operation, Katie wrote “Please recycle” on her leg, in the hope the cancer tissue could be used in research.

Since the amputation, Katie has made it her mission to increase awareness of childhood cancer and raise money. She has raised thousands of pounds and is an ambassador for the children’s cancer charity Love Oliver.

Katie, who has now been given the all clear, takes off her artificial leg to swim and has won gold medals at the junior and senior Scottish Disability Sport National Swimming Championships. As well as training four times a week in the pool, she plays football and is a wheelchair racer.