2022 Winner

Jean Cumming


Started early intervention counselling charity Crisis with just £100, providing support to more than 50,000 families, veterans and children.

After witnessing a lack of support, guidance and counselling during her time working in the NHS, Jean set up Crisis in March 1996. It is an early intervention service with a focus on preventative care helping people with their mental health before it develops into an emergency.

Today, Crisis has more than 90 volunteer therapists helping people across Scotland, working with children, teenagers and adults to reduce suicide and self-harm, and reduce the risks associated with poor mental health. 

Around 40% of the people they help are children and teenagers, along with a number of veterans who have unresolved issues from their time in the military. 

The Erskine-based charity also works with migrants and asylum seekers who have experienced issues adapting to their new home or have suffered acute trauma prior to fleeing to Scotland.

Jean says: “What we do works. We give early intervention and match the therapist to the client, who they can see for as long as required. There have been times when it has been hard to keep the door open but I’m proud that we have.”