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Hero grandmother who helped stop an armed robber, and then pinned him down until police arrived.

Roseann, 64, was working in her family’s Glasgow newsagent with her nephew Christopher, when a man wearing a balaclava and wielding a claw hammer burst in and ordered staff to hand over the takings.

Christopher, who was behind the till, threw a bundle of newspapers at him, giving 4ft 11in Roseann, who had been chatting to an elderly customer, the chance to knock him to the ground. Christopher then jumped over the counter and together the pair fought to disarm and restrain the attacker.

Roseann pulled off his balaclava, recognising the would-be robber as a former customer, and sat on him until police arrived.

Officers later discovered the attacker was also carrying a knife. He admitted attempted robbery and threatening violence at Glasgow Crown Court.

Roseann said: “I managed to get the guy down using the side of my body. It was pretty hard – he was trying to get up. When I watched the CCTV back I was shocked. I can’t believe I did it.

“You always get dafties but this is the first time something as bad as this has happened.”