2024 Winner

Sarah Garvin


Combined her own experiences of struggling with poor mental health and a passion for baking to inspire girls in local schools and across Scotland

After struggling with depression, anxiety and misdiagnosis throughout school, Sarah was diagnosed as having ADHD in her early 20s. Since then, she has become a vocal campaigner for those with ADHD, especially young women.

Sarah went through The Prince’s Trust Enterprise programme in 2022, building up a successful cake baking business, Cake ‘n Bake.
Sarah said: “Being diagnosed as having ADHD was obviously a shock, but I’ve learned to use the way my brain works to my advantage. Rather than let it hold me back I want to use it to help me achieve what I want to achieve, and I want other wee girls with ADHD to feel the same way.”
In 2023, Sarah began working with local schools to run baking classes, including one group made up specifically of girls aged 14-15 who for various reasons were all struggling in mainstream education.

Sarah is now in the process of developing the next stage, working with The Prince’s Trust to reach even more young people in her area. Sarah said: “I love telling the class that I have ADHD and I run my own business. They can’t believe it. I think it really inspires them seeing someone like them doing something they didn’t think was possible. That’s why I’m there, to tell them – yes you can!”
Sarah also uses the little spare time she does have to be an advocate for women and girls with ADHD, both through her large social media following and speaking at events.