2020 Winner

George Parsonage


Rescued more than 1,500 people from a treacherous stretch of water during a lifesaving career spanning four decades.

George, 77, spent 40 years pulling people from the murky waters of the River Clyde as leader of the Glasgow Humane Society, the oldest continuing lifeboat service in the world. 

In that time, he has used his motorboat to rescue more than 1,500 people, including the woman who became his wife. He was even called into action on his last day on duty before retirement.

George began assisting his father with river rescues in the 1950s when he was still a teenager. After his father died in 1979, George took over from him as chief officer at Glasgow Humane Society. 

George says the society is a family unit. His wife Stephanie, and sons Benjamin, and Christopher, are also involved. 

George and Stephanie met when Stephanie, an international rower who competed for Scotland, capsized while training. George went to the rescue and for his efforts won her heart.