2020 Winner

Charandeep Singh


The driving force behind The Sikh Food Bank, a multi-faith team of volunteers who delivered more than 100,000 meals to families since the start of lockdown.

Launched in March in direct response to the pandemic by the Sikhs in Scotland charity, the Sikh Food Bank was set up to help the most vulnerable across all sections of the community, including those self-isolating, families struggling to make ends meet, as well as the elderly or homeless.

Volunteers deliver groceries to people unable to go to the shops themselves, as well as food parcels and hot meals. They also run a check-in phone service, available in English, Panjabi, Hindi and Urdu, to help combat loneliness and isolation. 

Supported by a 50-strong team of volunteers, Charandeep led the delivery of more than 100,000 meals and food parcels during lockdown across Glasgow as well as in Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen. 

In the run-up to the return to school they also provided packs to help children in need with supplies and resources.